About Us

About Us

Hi there! Glad you have found us.

Our humble story started one holiday break inside our home. There was some time to spare for a little sprucing up. That one little act of organizing revealed so much vibrancy in the space and affected the family in such a good way. One led to another until it became a passion project that we are now.

What are we?

Spruce Up is your ally in delivering little indulgences to create a happier home and a happier you.

We carry PURPOSEFUL, STYLISH and PRACTICAL home essentials that you can indulge in, guilt-free for sure. Because Spruce Up ...

  1. Elevates the organization 
  2. Intensifies aesthetics 
  3. Increases efficiency and convenience

Please check out our classic staples and growing collection, anytime at your convenience. Drop by often to see the other piece you can take home next, as we continuously listen to the feedback and adjust to the needs of our dear SpruceFans.

In the current times we are in where our homes mean more than just a space to dwell in, let us be a community who inspire one another through sharing happy stories of our sprucing up activities. Reveal to us how our products made you feel ooh so good. Share a tip or two on “HOW TO” or capture BEFORE-AFTER photo.

Tag us, will you?