Sweet tooth runs in our family. We crave for desserts like cakes and milk tea. Until a friend inspired me to turn to fruits instead. A cup or two servings became a habit and one of those that top the grocery list and fill up the most of the space in the fridge.

My friend shares this DEETS ABOUT SWEETS 🍭 🍬

"Ideally, sugar should be consumed from natural sugars from fruits (fructose). But if we have to consume sugar in its sugary, powdery form anyway (sucrose), at least let’s choose those that will not spike up insulin nearly as fast as white sugar does and contains some trace minerals and vitamins — not just empty calories.
Bonus if you’re fasting, you get to add a bit more sugar during the day to avoid getting dizzy after a long fast! And if you have a low blood sugar level, have an extra teaspoon or eat more fruits!
How to quickly test if you have blood sugar level that’s high? If you’re easily angry when you’re hungry (Hangry, anyone? 😂) or you’re shaking 3-4 hours after meal, those are symptoms of sugar withdrawal so slowly ease up on the sugar."D