Creative Makeover

Sprucing up can be very infectious. The joy extends beyond the confines of our homes. It inspires others to join in the fun. This little indulgence becomes an outlet to keep us happy and busy and let us enjoy so many other perks. How does your own sprucing story affected your circle? 

"For a few months now, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my kitchen. Everything works, I have my own cooking tools I need, my pantry is well-stocked, but the joy is not there.

I then considered remodeling. But somehow, it didn't feel like it was the right answer.

I found the answer to my missing joy when I chanced upon this up-and-coming online store. Spruce Up. I got hooked for hours.

So apparently, I do not need a new kitchen, I just need some sprucing up! Spruce Up saved me from thousands of pesos and saved me from months of construction mess!  "


- I. Grace