Active Homes

Our homes are our greatest sanctuary. Today, our homes mean much more that what they were yesterday. For many of us, our homes became a working space too. One that provide a space for distance learning, for virtual office setup, for "meeting place", for business ventures, and many more. 

Many of us are going through the journey of transforming our homes to be more conducive to our new situation. We shop for products to help us reconfigure and spruce up to make our own homes worth waking up to. We make ourselves productive, inspired and even host family activities around doing home improvement projects. 

Thankfully, there are online stores and virtual communities who become our enablers. 

We in SpruceUp.PH share with you in this journey, with our collection of thoughtfully selected home (plus) essentials that are worth adding to your online carts. Our aim is to bring to you the world's best home essentials to empower you with options and inspiration to take that steps in making your homes work for you better in this time.

Whether you are a homemaker, chef-businessman, an online seller, student, corporate professional, artist, designer - we are glad that you have found us.  Take a look at the curated everyday goods to help you spruce up and hoping you will enjoy an awesome experience in using them. Should you stumble a situation next time, please visit us again. Your feedback means a lot. Let us know how we can help.